About Us

The Story Behind Rumal Wala

The Story Behind Rumal Wala

Driven by a deep desire to build a business that echoes our values, Rumal Wala is more than just
a brand—it's a tribute to resilience and togetherness. We draw inspiration from the enduring value of the rumal, reflecting the flexibility and reliability needed in a post-pandemic world.

With every stitch, we aim to provide not only the best for our valued customers but to uplift the community that has shaped our lives. Welcome to the story of Rumal Wala, where function meets purpose, and every piece contributes towards a brighter tomorrow.

Why Our Rumal

Welcome to Rumal Wala, where hankies have more moves than your dance playlist! Ready for the messy tango with your toddler? Rumal Wala’s rumals got the perfect twirl. Makeup meltdown? Rumal is the makeup whisperer. Sweaty palms trying to high-five life? Rumal is your personal high-fiver. But wait, there's more! It’s not just a hankie; it’s a fashion sidekick that says, “I’m ready for anything – even that surprise confetti moment life throws at me!” Join the Rumal rave – because adulting is hard, but your hankie game doesn’t have to be. Grab yours now and show life you’ve got the moves!

The Story Behind Rumal Wala

Why the #RumalRave?

Rumals transcend time. With a sustainable soul, rumals echo a bygone era, connecting past and present. But why the comeback? Forget tissues; a soft handkerchief is your skin's gentle superhero. From stifling sneezes in style to wiping away joy or sorrow, it's your tear-resistant, sweat-mopping companion. Need to clean those glasses or phone? Rumal to the rescue! Beyond style, it's a sustainable choice, reducing waste and saving you money. Shop now, and let your sneezes become the talk of the town! Happy sneezing in style!